More and more of the fastest road cars are being artificially limited to a 'responsible' 250km/h (155mph). Given that there are very few roads in the world where you can legally use such high speeds, it's difficult to argue against the trend. But there are still a few unlimited cars.


At the SMMT Test Day in 2004 I drove a Ferrari 575M Maranello which has a top speed of 202mph. The UK list price then was £163,200 (about US$284,000). It's an impressive piece of machinery: floor the throttle at 120mph in top gear and it pins you to your seat – it's like second gear at 40mph in a hot hatch.

Next fastest are the Bentley Continental Supersports and Flying Spur Speed, and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, all of which top out around the 200mph mark.

But none of these rate as the most valuable car I've driven. That honour goes to the pre-war BMW 328 owned by John Muschamp, chairman of the BMW Historic Motor Club. The BMW, which I drove for a Classic Cars feature in 2009, was then valued at around £400,000 and is probably worth even more now.


John Muschamp's BMW 328: worth £400,000 (photo: BMW Historic Motor Club)

Other cars I've driven with similar values include Simon Morris' Lamborghini Countach and Ian Owen's Bentley S1.