Mercedes-Benz has a long history of competition, winning with supercharged Grand Prix cars in the 1930s and later with the famous 'Silver Arrows'. In the 1950s the marque was involved in a terrible accident at Le Mans and pulled out of motor racing, but there was some involvement in rallying - with particular success in long-distance events.

In motor racing it fell to privateer teams like Sauber to prepare its own Mercedes engines for motorsport until the marque returned to racing as a fully-fledged factory engine supplier and ultimately as a F1 constructor.

Rudolf Caracciola in a (white) Mercedes-Benz SSK: almost unbeatable between the wars Daimler
Manfred von Brauchitsch in the first of the Silver Arrows at the Eifelrennen, June 1934 Daimler
The supercharged Mercedes dominated the racing scene before the World War 2 – Rudolf Caracciola winning the Swiss Grand Prix in the W125 in 1937 Daimler
French GP at Reims, July 4: Juan Manuel Fangio wins in the Mercedes-Benz W196R Daimler
Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson in their Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR before the race they were to win Daimler
Moss and Jenkinson on the way to winning the Mille Miglia in their Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Daimler
The remains of Pierre Levegh's Mercedes-Benz 300SLR after the fatal Le Mans crash Daimler
The 300SLR in the 1955 Tourist Trophy. Stirling Moss and John Cooper Fitch took the race victory Daimler
Stirling Moss heads for victory at Aintree in the British GP Daimler
After the tragedy of 1955 Mercedes-Benz stopped racing, but continued to compete in rallying. Bohringer / Knoll (centre) won the 1963 Acropolis Daimler
Mercedes-Benz 280E driven by Andrew Cowan with co-drivers Colin Malkin and Mike Broad in South Australia on the way to winning the London-Sydney Marathon Daimler
Sauber-Mercedes C9 carried the Silver Arrows paintwork to victory in 1989 Daimler
Mercedes returned to F1 as an engine supplier, here powering David Coulthard's McLaren-Mercedes MP4-15 at the British Grand Prix in 2000 Daimler
Mercedes returns to F1 as a constructor for the first time in 55 years Daimler