Aston Martin's origins were in a London dealership for Standard motor cars but its glory days were under the leadership of David Brown in the 1950s and 1960s. This book details the whole story, from the early 20th century to the latest, highly sophisticated cars built at Gaydon in Warwickshire. It's a must for all enthusiasts of the marque.

Inside The Ultimate History of Aston Martin

This beautifully illustrated history of the marque examines every major model produced by the company, and also analyses Aston Martin's considerable success in motorsport: the company won the Biennial Cup at Le Mans and the Team Prize in the Ulster TT in the 1930s, and then became a force in sports car racing in the 1950s. Ultimately, under the control of David Brown, Aston Martin proved victorious at Le Mans in 1959 and went on to win the World Championship for sports cars that year.

More recently control of the company has passed to the giant Ford Motor Company, and Aston Martin has gone from a tiny company building mere handfuls of cars to a significant player in the upper echelons of the sports car industry.

Comments on The Ultimate History of Aston Martin

"This is just a note to tell you how much pleasure your book gave me. Not only in the detailed research (fastest towing speed record!) but the magnificent plates and the interesting way in which you have been able to put across so much information" JC, Kent

Published by Parragon exclusively for Marks and Spencer in 2003