Ideal for newcomers to classics and anyone who wants a comprehensive guide book to help them use and enjoy their classics, this is the essential guide to choosing, owning and running a classic car.

Buying and selling Practical advice on how to choose a classic, where to buy and what to pay.

Maintenance and restoration Advice on restoring and repairing classics, and how to cope with breakdowns and emergencies

Driving techniques Essential techniques for coping with old-style gearboxes and braking systems, rear-wheel drive handling characteristics, and many more aspects of driving classic cars.

Modifications and improvements Detailed advice on how to tune and improve classic performance and reliability, and for use in motor sport.

Plus reviews, specifications and ratings covering more than 50 popular classic cars, and a comprehensive glossary clearly explaining technical terms and classic car jargon.


"It tells you what to look out for and how to look for it, as well as offering plenty of practical hints to help you maintain your new purchase."
Practical Classics

"Every question you can think of that's related to buying and running a classic car has an answer in this book. It's brilliantly pitched at people getting involved with classic cars for the first time, but covers such a broad remit of topics that whatever stage of classic ownership you're at, you'll find something of interest."
Mike Goodbun, Classic Cars

"Sets out in a clear, realistic way the pros and cons of owning a classic... tells the classic car virgin everything they need to know"

"It is an ideal book for newcomers to the classic car arena... Even as a read and not a way into the market place, the book is full to the top of the tank with interest."
Barnsley Chronicle

Spanish edition El libro del coche Classico