The complete story of the most successful F1 engine of all time, winner of 155 World Championship Grands Prix. The DFV family also dominated Indy car racing with more than 150 race wins.

Details the development of the engine and charts its racing career in F1, sports cars, Indycar racing and other categories. Includes a foreword by Williams F1 engineering director Patrick Head.


"Excellent... a wealth of fascinating detail and a number of previously unseen archive photographs"
Steve Cropley, Autocar

"C&SC contributor Noakes is well placed to write it, having studied automotive engineering at Loughborough University, yet his skills as a journalist mean that he brings to life a potentially dry subject... what really appeals is that the book is well-informed yet equally accessible to those with little or no knowledge of the DFV... Good value."
James Elliott, Classic & Sports Car

"A strong attempt at documenting the V8 'double four-valve' engine's full story... well structured, readable and comprehensive... Nicely produced and good value, too."
Mike Goodbun, Classic Cars

"Noakes' well-illustrated book tells you all you could want to know about the DFV and its derivatives"

"An insightful account...if you're searching for a chronicle on one of the most revered pieces of engineering throughout the history of motorsport, you need look no further"
Rosie McMahon, Motorsport News

"Engineers and statisticians alike will enjoy the combination of design detail and race reportage in this well illustrated, landscape format book... a well rounded, up to date and eminently readable history"

"a wealth of anecdotes, interviews and many archive photographs (some previously unpublished)... Worth investing in, even if you have only a passing interest in motor racing, The Ford Cosworth DFV is a fitting tribute to the most successful Formula One engine of all time"

"Pulls off the difficult feat of covering a potentially dry subject in a comprehensive manner while never failing to entertain. For that it deserves top marks."

Published by Haynes in 2007

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